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            Innovation, as the country’s focus for national development is a high-impact strategy for the modernization of Philippines. Through using innovative-driven strategies, deep-seated problems which are primarily tied up by traditional and cultural norms can be resolved. This includes revising constricting policies that only delay development. In addition, through making Innovation as the prime mover of our country, we are motivated to be more globally competitive. Lastly, it is with innovation that we can harness our own resources, imagination and use technology to wield huge economic power.

In the January 2016 “Digital in the Philippines” snapshot of We Are Social counts, that among the total Philippine population of 101.47 million, 119.21 million have mobile connections and 41 million have active mobile social media accounts. Definitely, the mobile lifestyle of the millennials makes M-Commerce more viable and favorable for the modern day Filipino. According to the “We are Social Stats”, as of January 2016, Filipino millennials who are 20-29 years old top the demographics of Facebook users. Technopreneurship, comes with the new generation of tech-savvy buyers. The “Selfie Generation” or the first digital natives not only creates a huge influence on how the internet can amplify its power, but also raises the standards on how the mobile platform can work best with it.

The Philippines and its National Innovation Ecosystem is just starting to flourish. With enough “flora and fauna”, it will soon be able create a network of vigorous startups in rich digital landscape. Through the Department of Trade and Industry, that fragile development will be nurtured and guided.  Programs that will cater to the accelerating process of innovators are continuously being implemented. In line with that goal, the Philippine Trade Training Center launched a series of free innovation-related trainings, which aims to advance business competitiveness and productivity especially in the new digital economy.

Two new courses on ICT and Marketing trainings were launched. One of which is   “Marketing to Millennials” aimed to keep SME updated on the characteristics of this market segment. It expounds on their buying preferences and identification of ways on reaching them. A total of Eighty-one (81) participants have attended the training. Fifty-six (56) participants were from thirty one (31) private companies and organizations. Attendees are business owners, students, to government employees. The training was packed with very relevant videos that gave a clearer view on how to understand this generation. One of which is the Pepsi video ad, which depicted of how Filipino Action films can be made into comedy through instant gratification. The advertisement laughs at the idea of how technology and speed of service has made rivalry more competitive. Just as the ideas are verbalized, it comes to life. The participants were very impressed about the presentation which is very clear, practical and interesting. It was even stated by a participant that this type of seminar should definitely be sustained.

The other training is “Mobile E-Commerce for SMEs” aimed to keep SMEs updated on trends and innovations in mobile commerce and its business applications through the use of SMS & Mobile Apps. The training discusses Mobile Commerce and why it is a game-changer. Other topics that were included are buyer’s behavior and habits, including styles and preferences. Majority of the attendees were from MSMEs, with most of them selling to both export and domestic markets whose objectives, are to increase their technical know-how and improve management skills.

This seminar was graced by the presence of a visiting Singaporean and innovative technology start up entrepreneur, Mr. Terence Woo on gratis.  He is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry Australia- Philippines, who emphasized the trend from mobile e-commerce shifting to social e-commerce especially in the Philippines, still the social media capital of the world as of 2015.Mr. Woo encourages the participants from various industries like manufacturing, logistics and services to network amongst themselves since they are all interlinked with e-commerce. As he discussed the various sales done on mobile phones and the Philippine digital world, he stressed the importance of reliability in fulfilling orders and product quality. The feedback survey shows that the participants learned how to engage in online services. They were also introduced to the different sites where they could register on and advertise their product. Peter Drucker has once said, “The enterprise that does not innovate ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change such as the present, the decline will be fast.” Innovation urges entrepreneurs to move swift and act on what is needed now.